Milo 2012

Milo Milo Milo
Milo is the Mother of all races in the Philippines.
If you have not run a Milo Race then you are not a Real Filipino Runner.
For this year 2012.
I only joined the 21 km event.
Still tired from last week Macau Marathon I came UN prepared I was not 100% Psych and my running bag was missing my usual running gear arsenal. I even wore Blue Race shirt and shorts not my usual Black attire
I also did a 20 km run the day before.
I was also making “ daldal” and laughing with runners along the route.
Excuses… excuses ha ha.
In short I was racing but same time just having a good time.
Finished 2.04 definitely not my fastest but one of my enjoyable races. 

 The Race Venue
 who does not belong :-)

With Best Friend  Paolo C.
Me, old friend  - Ben Chan  and Vener
Hey Ben why so stiff :-)
With Running Friends
Emily L. wanted to get my magic Bayong :-)
Had Breakfast by the seawall near Moa