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Joining your first organized race is definitely more different than what you’re used to. For starters, you have throngs of people waiting with you at the starting line, each one as anxious as you are to hear the gun go off. And when it does go off, imagine said crowd pushing and shoving to get the ball rolling! Instead of having the road all to yourself like you normally would on a regular day, you share it with hundreds, even thousands of runners!
To get ready for your first road race, consider these tried and tested tips from seasoned racers:
Get ready to eat humble pie. No matter how ready you think you are, know that there will be others who may be faster, stronger, and more experienced than you are. This is, after all your first race. “My first race—the University of the Philippines Botakan 10km Race held in UP Diliman on Feb.18, 1981—will always be my most memorable race,” says seasoned marathoner, Running Shield blogger and race organizer Raul Patrick Concepcion. 

“I learned to never underestimate the competition and to always be humble. I was defeated—literally inches away from the finish line—by a 13-year old undernourished boy who ran barefoot, while I ran wearing first class running shoes!”

by : Marie Calica