Antipolo Adventure Run

" The View from the House"
My folks asked me and my other siblings if we wanted to spend All Souls and Saints Day with them in our Rest house in Antipolo City.
I said, “Yes”. I enjoy spending time with my family because its none stop Quento “ Chismis “ , Laughter, Horse Play and Corny  jokes but most of all it’s a time for Family Bonding. My folks are already in their twilight years and I want to make sure the good memories last forever.
The Problem is when I am with them it is none Stop Eating!!!!! In fact the food I ate in that particular meal is the equivalent for the meal of 3 days. SERIOUSLY!!! That’s how takaw we can get it.
But frankly a little “Food Cheat day “will not hurt. In fact food always plays a major party in our family bonding.
Anyway, before the night ended I got my running gear all ready for my planned Antipolo Adventure Run the next day. I carefully planned out my route and made sure to bring some cash, water and of course my camera.
The hills of Antipolo make “heart break hill “in Boston look like a molehill.
The steep hills, sharp curves and constant Tricycle and biker Patintero game can really take a toll on the legs.
But once you get the hang of it. It’s a wonderful free flowing run.
From the house I went to the Water falls in Hinulugan Taktak and after a few Pictures I went straight for Antipolo church. The distance from the house – Hinulugan taktak – antipolo church and back is not very far but as usual I got lost again.
I asked several locals direction on how to get back home but each one had their own directions in the end I asked the local Kasoy vendor who gave me the most accurate direction. Thank you.
At the end I ran 18.88 km
Smelly, dirty and sticky because of all the dust and pollution but it was worth it.
Till my next Adventure run… J  
Home sweet Home
Hinulugan Taktak
From La Veranda i ran all the way to Hinulugan Taktak
Duhh ?!
Hinulugan Taktak - Run
Antipolo Church - " They should ditch that sign in front of the church "

Antipolo Church 7am mass ....sssshhhh!
Sumulong Highway - Vendors of kasoy, Suman and all sweet stuff guarantee to give you tooth decay.
 Running in the grounds behind the house
Almost Sunset 
 Ran 18.88 km. I'm tired. The hills in Antipolo are really a killer to the legs.
After a good run a dip in the pool a nice breakfast and a siesta in the bahay kubo !
Life is Good !!!
Google Map 
Point B - La Veranda
Point A - Hinulugan Taktak