Simple Hydration Water Bottle

Condura Skyway Marathon Running Ambassador with the 

I love Running !
I run 5 - 6 days a week and average about 95 km a week.
What I don’t like when I run is carrying a water bottle by hand or a hydration belt around  my waist. I find it very very uncomfortable and it throws me off balance and ruins my gait ,but my problem is if I do not drink enough water I literally go DEAF. 
Once I get DEAF I know I’m Dehydrated and I need Water ASAP. 
A good  running friend of mine TIN FERRERA  who is the owner of Friro Tech Corp and the official distributor of  the" SIMPLE HYDRATION WATER BOTTLE "  in the Philippines sent me a sample to try it out.  
After logging in some serious mileage with the said  SIMPLE HYDRATION WATER BOTTLE I am very pleased with its performance. 
I love it !
 It’s very light and  because of its special unique design their is very minimum vertical bounce once strap to my running shorts properly . It’s also very easy to clean no frills. 
Now I carry the Simple Hydration water bottle in most of my run. Now I don't have to worry about going Deaf again in my runs.
 I rarely praise a product but this has to be one of the best so far. A good Christmas gift to runners and friends. 
Goodbye Handheld hydration bottle... Goodbye hydration belt, HELLO ! "Simple Hydration water bottle"