Boston here i come !!!

Boston here I come !!!!!
Yes you heard it right, I AM GOING  to  BOSTON, M.A. USA !!!
But not to run the Boston Marathon.  “Silly !”  but to bring back my Daughter there for her to continue her  Studies and Work.
This is her 3rd year in Boston, How time flies.
You think after 3 years I would get used to this routine but No I am not.
I think a Parent could never  get used to leaving his/her child in a foreign country.
I am just putting a straight face and cracking silly jokes about her leaving but I cry inside and i wish she could stay at home in Manila.
But I have to let go of her so she can begin her new life as an adult. 
I’ve always said the greatest mistake a parent can do is hold on to the kids and not make them grow up to be independent. Letting go is not the end of the world, letting go is the beginning of a new chapter in once life. 
 Anyway, enough of Drama Stuff. 
While I'm in Boston i might as well check the running stores, Run around the Charles river
 " 3 times" and maybe ill even run the entire Boston Marathon race route just for fun. :-).
 Will see you soon " Long may you run".

Oh by the way if i did want to run the Boston Marathon. 
I first have to run an AIMS/ IAAF certified  Race course.
and for my age group 45 - 49 i should finish in 3hrs and 25 Min's or better.
Age Group
3hrs 05min 00sec
3hrs 10min 00sec
3hrs 15min 00sec
3hrs 25min 00sec