SpringBoard RUN 2012

 SpringBoard ! ….. SpringBoard !
I have read all the Comments with regards to the Springboard Run 2012 and basically the comments speak for themselves. 
These are my observation on the said race.
- Gun Start : Late by 25 mins.
- Race Route : The Race route that was published on the website for the 16km event was never followed and they never even told the runners about the “ New “ route.

- Marshals : MARSHALS ?? MARSHALS ?? I did not see any marshal. No Marshals to tell us where to pass, where to go. It was just follow the leader.
- Water Station : Water - Yes. Cups – No. Where do you put water if no cups…. In the “ Tabo “ and all the runners had to share drinking in the tabo.
- Distance : The Race Distance is 16 km but the ACTUAL RACE DISTANCE was 14.27 km. SHORT by a 1.73 km.!!!!
 I wonder what method  the organizer used to measure the route.
- Strings Given to runners on the Turn Around Point or strategic points to avoid  cheating : “ NADA”.

- Weeks , days, hours before Race day Organizer was Proactive in answering all runners questions and concerns but after the Race “ Organizer is Silent “.
-The only GOOD thing that happened in the races is the EXCELLENT Emcee done by Bearwin Meiley. Before, During and After the race. He was very entertaining and funny.
Overall Comment :
There is no perfect Race but In my opinion whatever the outcome is in a race, The Organizer in this case PURE CONCEPT should answer and explain to runners concern especially that WE paid good money to join the race.
A lot of improvement needed for PURE CONCEPT  to organize a race never to late....

" Greeneyes" Val and I.
neil joseph, shiela,  me and the right is Kentz.
16 km Race Route as Published in Website
16 km Actual Race Route
Berwin Meiley entertaining the crowd.