I woke up at 4 am to go for a run.
As I got dress and stretched out my tummy started to growl.
I was hungry and needed to eat.
Instead of grabbing a bite I just had a cup of coffee and went out the door to run.
As I reach the 5th kilometer mark my tummy growled louder and I felt a bit woozy because my body needed nutrition.
I decided to turn back for home to grab something to eat.
But Instead, I saw an Indian Mango by the road side.
I picked it up, wiped it on my sweaty shirt and peeled its skin off.
As I devoured the Indian Mango like a hungry wolf.
I could feel my body suck out the nutrition of the mango and convert it to “ Running Energy”.
I continued Running and finished with a distance of 15+ km.
It was a good Run day !