RUN For Pinoy Glory

 Run For Pinoy Glory is my 1st race for the year 2012.
It was a pretty organized race with an estimated 4000 runners.
The weather was perfect, Marshals very visible and over flowing Summit hydration drinks. Very Good!
I was also very pleased with my performance. I was feeling pretty good  with no major aches and pains ( especially on my left foot ) i would and could pick up the pace to run faster and finished still feeling very fresh.
 If only i had a " Rabbit " ( running lingo ) ahead of me i think i  could have finished a sub 1.50 :-) maybe next time.
I am also on target  for my planned 2 Marathon this February.
Thank you God for making me start the year right !

DISTANCE : 21 km
TIME : 1:53:27
PLACE : 43 / 238 runners

This is also the 1 st Race my wife joined for the year 2012.
In fact the last race she joined was last May 2011.
She wasn't able to race that much in the last 6 months because of her very busy schedule.
Surprisingly in spite of her very little training she still did pretty well in the 
10k event.
Great Babes more Races to come.

Marie B. and Mabu