Nothing to do with running :-) Time Out !!!

One show my wife and I like to  watch is "Jersey Shores".
Its a Pretty Popular  Reality TV show in the States and frankly its a "No Brainier Show"
 but its very entertaining.
Its a great show to watch especially if you just want to distress.
There is one actress in the show named " Snooki " that you learn to love but at the same time you hate.
I guess its  because of her sleazy looks and the Vulgar Language she uses.
Anyway, last week a picture was taken of her WITHOUT MAKE UP and OMG !!! She is not bad looking pala.
 You wonder why she puts so much Guck on her face.
I guess She is really a definition of, "Never judge a book by its cover".
O.K. back to Running :-)