Go Natural Race

Go Natural Race. 
2nd Race for the year 2012.
Though i may not be as fast as i was in the previous Years ( comes with age ). I'm still pleased with my performance.
As usual the race was again very well organizes. Lots of hydration and Marshall's.
Rio always organizes an excellent race.
What got me by surprise is somewhere in the 5th kilometer up to the 10 km. i was running side by side with Rio and Drew Arellano. We chitchatted a bit and after a while they picked up the pace and left me behind.
The next few weeks will be mental preparation for the Condura Skyway Marathon 2012. I'll be running the 42km event.
But maybe i can sneak in a race or 2 before Feb. 5, 2012 :-).
Distance : 21 km
Time : 1:56:56

This is also my wife 2nd race for the year 2012.
She did very well and is getting ready also to run the Condura Skyway Marathon.
She will be running the 21km event. 
Go for it Babes !

Mabu with Running Friend Marie B.

Just finished the race. Warming down while carrying my
 " Bayong Bag "