Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

When i was a child i couldn't wait for the Christmas Season.
Christmas was always very exciting for me.
I love all the different Christmas decoration in the houses in our village.
I love giving gift but most especially i love receiving gift.ha ha.
It did not matter what type of gift it was or how much it cost
for as long as i had a gift under the Christmas tree i was happy.
I love the Christmas food, Turkey, Litsion, ceso de bola, fruit salad, cakes, cookies and my moms kare-kare.
But most of all I love the Positive atmosphere everywhere.
You could really feel the warmth and happiness in each ones heart.
It was Christmas the way Jesus Christ wanted it to be Love, Sharing, Caring but most of all Forgiveness.

Sad to say but now Christmas has become so comercialize and Materialistic
It's Always money money money !
I want this.. i want that.
Why only this... Why only that !
I wont give him a gift cause he did not give me a gift!
The price of my gift to him is Worth so much more compared to the gift he gave me !
Seesh !

Let's all go back to Basic and remember the true meaning of Christmas like when were Children
Love , respect, gratitude but most of all FAMILY !

HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS and always remember Jesus Christ was born on this day because he loves as All !
Merry Christmas from the
Concepcion Family !