When lost follow the CROSS

When i run anywhere around the world i usually don't have a plan running route.
i would usually just run run and run wherever my running shoes takes me.
Usually i get lost and from a planned 15 km or whatever distance i end up running much more distance.
But one technique i use is i would always look for a land mark or " The Highest Building " as a reference point just in case i get lost.
Here in San Francisco " SAINT MARY CATHEDRAL" located at Geary and Laguna dr. .... is my reference point not only because its 50 meters away from our Condo but even if your kms. away you can see the " CROSS" from a distance and i would just head towards it cause i know its near our condo.
So when i get Lost in my
Runs, Life or i need Spiritual Guidance " I FOLLOW THE CROSS" !!!
Inside Saint Mary Cathedral
Aluminum Pipe Organ
Our Condo which 50 meters away from Saint Mary Cathedral