Happy Birthday Amalia

Aside from my parents and we kids vacationing in San Francisco my parents also decided to bring my Dad's Nanny " yaya "with us to help attend to my Dads needs her name is "Amalia ".
Unfortunately because Amalia's Birthday falls on Nov. 10 she cant spend her Birthday with her family in Manila.
What we all did is we secretly bought her a Birthday cake in "Cako" and while she was cleaning my parents room we called her to come to the dinning room and as soon as she showed up "Surprise !!!!! "
We all started singing Happy Birthday to her.
She started to cry i guess because she was touched in the families gesture.
I always believe in treating people equally and with respect regardless of what their stature is in life. Its nice when you touch someones heart not only does it feel good its the right thing to do.
Happy Birthday Amalia . Kami muna mag Luluto at Plantsya :-).
Japanese Cup Cake store called " Cako"
Mom , Dad and Yaya Amalia
Raul Concepcion family with Yaya Amalia.
Now who do you think is the best looking son :-)