Nike+SportWatch GPS vs GARMIN

NIKE+SportsWatch GPS -- GARMIN

GARMIN in my opinion is the best Running Watch.
I already had 4 of them in a span of 7 years.
My current GARMIN 310xt is about a year and a half old and I know sooner or later it will conk out.
Instead of purchasing another GARMIN I decided to purchase a NIKE+SportWatch GPS.
I used the NIKE+SWGPS several times already and I am very pleased with its performance.
Listed below is what I LIKE , DON’T LIKE and WISH IT HAD with regards to the NIKE+SWGPS .
I won’t directly compare the NIKE+SWGPS with GARMIN because we runners already know GARMIN is A1.
I also won’t talk about the Technical Specs of the NIKE+SWGPS the details can be access in
  • Price – Nike+SWGPS is $215.00 plus tax. While the Garmin 310xt is $500.00 plus tax.
  • I can wear my NIKE+SWGPS even when I’m not running - It takes 2 hrs for the battery to fully charge. Battery will last for up to 70 days, or up to 9 hours of RUN time with the GPS and senor ON.
  • The watch is color “ BLACK “. Black is my favorite color.
  • Sleek design
  • Very users friendly.
  • Fast hook up to a Satellite
  • Distance is more or less accurate.
  • when you press the pause button a giant "PAUSED" sign appears in the screen.
  • You have to Tap the screen to turn on the light.
  • The top portion of the screen is very small. When I’m not wearing my glasses I can hardly see the numbers.
  • To change the Time you have to connect to the computer.
  • To Charge the watch you have to connect it to the computer.
  • To Customize setting you have to connect it to the computer.
  • To update, Delete when memory is full you have to connect to the computer.
  • To make any changes with the watch you always have to connect to the computer.
  • The Alarm / beep sound is very soft. They should make it louder . I have to put the watch near my ear just to hear it.
  • When battery is low the beep sound is to soft you can hardly hear it.
  • After more or less 5 hrs of accumulated running time. i have to recharge the watch.
  • Vibration. Like the Garmin when you turn the watch ON, OFF, PAUSE etc. it “vibrates”.
  • Option to charge the watch by plugging it into a wall socket and not to the computer only.
  • A beep or vibrate if i loss the satellite hook up.
I guess at the end of the day it really depends on what you want and if it fits your budge.
I like both.