The Marathon

In a few hours the Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 will start.
I will be joining the Marathon event.
I have been running for more than 3 decades and accumulated over 82,800 km.
I have ran hundreds of races ranging from 32km, 30km, 21km, 10km, 5km etc. combined.
But it is the MARATHON EVENT that CHALLENGES me the MOST, and I won’t deny that it is also the event that SCARES me the MOST.
Running a Marathon takes a lot of Physical and Mental Preparation. If you’re NOT properly prepared you will hit that dreaded “WALL”.
You will either finish the event in PAIN, or You will NOT FINISH the race, and would never want to do it again.
So why do people run marathons? I’m sure they have their own reasons.
Mine is simply because “It is in the Marathon that my PASSION for Running is FULFILLED
I have always said - “Running is like LIFE, there will always be ups, downs and challenges. But it’s how you handle them that make you cross the finish line.”
Sometimes, you want to slow down, and sometimes you just want to quit.
But you know in your heart that once you give in to those negative feelings, then you have lost the battle.
Life was never a bed of roses...same with Marathon running. If it was, then, what separates us from the norm?
The Goal you set and accomplish will define WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU CAN BE.
Only you can discover yourself - because once you cross that finish line, you know you have won the game they call Life.
“ Once upon a time begins NOW!!! “ – Master Chief U.S.A.