Nike - TailWind

Another favourite Running shoe of mine is the NIKE – Tailwind series.
I love it because of the full length air cushioning on the mid sole.
If I run a distance of 20k or more this is definitely my shoe of choice.
My foot and legs
does not feel that fatigue in spite of the continues pounding because of the shoes cushioning.
The last time I got a pair of Tailwind was the year 2002. I was very disappointed that I could not find any pair on stock after that for whatever reason Nike – Philippines decided to discontinue distribution here in the Philippines.

After the Rock and Run race I went to Nike – Bonifacio Global City to do a little window shopping.
My jaw literally dropped when I saw that they had the Tailwind on stock.
I had to get a Pair!!!!!
I was in luck when the Nike Representative said they had a size 8.5 and they even gave me an additional 10% discount because of my NIKE VIP card.
What was even better my wife offered to pay for it as a Father’s Day gift to me.
Thank you! I had a smile from ear to ear.

The next day I went for an 18km run and the ff. Day another 18km. run
The shoe performed far better than my expectation.
I highly recommend this shoe for all runners.
Thank you NIKE for bringing back the Tailwind series in the Philippines.