RUNEW Race part - 1

1. This will be my 2 nd race that I will be using a Timing Chip.
2. The Race Venue will start at the Filinvest, Alabang area and the Race Route will pass the Ayala Alabang Village where I reside.
3. For the new Runners who have never run inside Ayala Alabang Village they will be in for a surprise because the village is beautiful. The race route is lined up with decade old Mango and Acacia Trees. It’s also 1 of the places in Manila that is pollution free.
4. Another surprise the runners will encounter are the Ayala Alabang famous rolling killer hills. The hills can even make an elite runner beg for mercy.
5. The reason I will run in this race is to explore the possibility for the CONDURA RUN 2011 to be stage in the Filinvest, Alabang area.

DISTANCE (Garmin): 16.180km
FINISH TIME: 1:28:19
PACE / KM: 5:27/km
BODY WEIGHT: 128.8 lbs.

Around 3 am the rain was pouring for at least an hour. When the races started at 5.20 am the humidity must have reach at least 100%. It was so humid that at the 5km mark I was already drenched it sweat.
Usually during races I don't really drink that much water but this time I took advantage of every water station and had as much liquid as possible. I notice when i get dehydrated I literally go deaf. Because of this I was extra careful.
When the sun was shining really bright around 6.30 am the race route was like a "Steam Bath". It was unbelievably hot that I decided to slow down a bit. I can see that it wasn't only I but the other runners too who weir struggling in the route. What made it even worst are the rolling killer hills I mentioned earlier but in spite of all this challenges it was really a good race. I really enjoyed it and if i may say this is 1 of the best races i have ever joined.
It's always great to experience all different types of challenges in a race because when you overcome this challenges the reward is much more satisfying.
Thank you God ! Junrox, Alfred & I ( Boy im really short ! )Running friend RoningDedicated runner " Bong"RuneW race venue was a block a way from Palms Country ClubGeoff, me,Rayner & Noel (nice to see you again Geoff )are you ready for Condura marathon 2011Running friends Hey even Asian Hospital Doctor (who took care of my wife when she was sick ) joined the race. After a good race its nice to have a good chinese lunch with the wife and kids.