I see dead people

I went for my usual 20km run today but instead of running at 4am I waited till about 5am. I did not want to run in the dark because I was scared I would see dead people. When I did start to run I could see dead people on the street.
OK, I did not literally see dead people but I can only see them in my head.

Rewind May 16, 2010 (Sunday) 2pm.
My wife 2 kids and I were going home from Makati to Alabang. We decided to take the Skyway to make our trip faster, about a kilometre before the Bicutan exit we saw a Toyota Fortunner that apparently crashed in the centre divider guard railing and “ Rolled“ 3 or 4 times before stopping on the shoulder with its wheels in the air.
As we got closer I notice there were 4 bodies on the middle of the road apparently they were thrown out of the car (I will not get into the details on what we saw in respect to the family). There was also an infant (estimate a year old) she was in the middle of the skyway and she looked dazed. I was not sure if there was anybody else in the vehicle because it was a total wreck.
There were only 2 cars in the vicinity to help and it was a COMPLETE CHAOS.
Instead of driving away, my family and I took control of the situation. We stopped our car and went down to Help. My wife got the infant and comforted her and we were going to bring her to the hospital. My eldest daughter also helped my wife and was checking if there were any other survivors. My youngest daughter was screaming to passing motorist to help. I was telling passing motorist to tell the skyway group to send an ambulance at the same time I was phoning the Skyway group and PNP to send an ambulance.
I wanted to check the 4 bodies on the road if there was any sign of life but I just couldn't’t get myself to go near. I was scared.
After a few minutes 2 young foreigners came by and helped bring 1 of the children to the hospital and soon after a few more motorists came by to help.
What was sad is there were some people who just looked and drove away while others were taking pictures of the dead bodies. (You disgust us!).
When the Skyway group and ambulance finally did arrive at the scene to take control of the situation.

We decided to go home and we prayed for the people who died and their respective families.
The message of this entry is not to applaud the people who helped or to criticize who did not.
The message of this entry is accidents do happen but when you get in a car.