80,000 Kilometers

Today May.26, 2010, I officially past the 80,000 km Running mileage mark.
I started Running May.30,1980 that makes it a total of 29yrs 11months 26day for me to reach the 80,000 km.

How far is 80,000 km ?
1. The circumference of the earth at the equator is 40,076 kms. = I ran 1.95 times around
the world.
2. 80,000 km = 1,895.95 Marathons
3. Distance of the United States from West Coast to the East Coast ,1 way = 4,828km

(I ran across the United States 16.57 times).

The day I started running, I always kept a Running log book, where I would indicate how many kilometres I ran for the day, what my pace per km was, what the weather was, and how I felt during my run.
I did this for days, weeks, months and years.
It was only late last year that I realized that I would hit the 80,000 km mark around May 2010.
Every kilometre I ran was always an Adventure to me.
Every step I took was a discovery of myself.
I learned what my limitations were
I learned what i could change, what i could not and were i needed help.
But most of all, I have accepted WHO I AM.
There were days when I felt like I was running in Heaven, but there were also days that I struggled with my run.
But I NEVER had a bad running day, because each run was always a NEW experience.
I have always said, “Running is NOT a Sport, but a way of LIFE. With every step I take, there was a sense of inner peace within me. Also, it gave me the strength to handle challenges in a better prospective.
I have no plans of slowing down. I will keep on running till my Creator allows me too, because it is Him who gives me the willpower to go on.

Thank you God

This will not happen :-)