Saint Patrick's Day - Birthday

March 17, 2010 is Saint Patrick’s Day and it is also MY BIRTHDAY !!!!
You may wonder how old I am, well I’m not telling :-) just please count the candles on the cake and you’ll know. :-).
It’s also this time of the year (a few days before my birthday) when I usually ask a few questions to myself...
Do I look my age ?
Do I act my age ?
But most of all, DO I RUN LIKE MY AGE ?
Whatever the answer is I am very grateful to GOD for another year.

Another reason what I love about Birthday is it's the perfect time to reconnect with your Creator by going to confession or drop by church and say a prayer of thanks.
I particularly like to analyze where my life has been and where it is headed.
Material stuff / gift never really impresses me at the end of the day they just get BULOK.
What is Everlasting is Family and Goals you set and work very hard on them to make it a Reality.

My Running Goals for my Birthday and for 2010 are the ff:
1. Go for a 25 + km RUN on my Birthday.
2. Join a RACE on the weekend ( March. 21 ) after my Birthday.
3. Get Inked again !
4. Break the 80,000 km mileage in 2010.
5. 1 more marathon for 2010 and finish at a time of 4hrs 30 Min's or less.

And as for getting OLD, this is all I have to say........