Holy Week - Abundio " Jun" Corral

A few days a days ago a certain Abundio "Jun" Corral emailed me to say Thank you for a successful Condura Marathon . I responded by saying thank you also and will see him next year.
He emailed me back and requested " if i had any old second hand running shoes size 9.5 if he can have it" because his present running shoe has already passed its life time .
Of course i was a bit apprehensive and i told him to email me his background and a picture of himself . I also did a little investigating in my end and from the info i gathered. i found out he was a pace runner for the Condura marathon and i also recognize him from the picture because during the Green Miles Race he was the guy who gave me a bottle of water.
Sad to say i wear a 8.5 and all my old running shoes i already gave it away. But what i told him is for him to drop by my office and maybe we can work something out.
Its not important on how i helped him. What is important is to HELP.
For passionate runners using a second hand running shoes is definitely a NO NO because it can cause injuries but Jun swallowed his pride and asked for help he needed a running shoe cause he likes to Run.
The message of the entry in this blog is to HELP the people who need it . This is what a True Christian does.
For this Holy Week get out from your "Comfort Zone" and help it will not only make you a better person but regardless of what your religion is your God will not forget what you did on your day of judgment .
Have a blessed Holy Week.