RunningShield Marathon 2010

"Your 1st marathon is usually your best because you run with your heart and spirit. Your 2nd marathon maybe your worst because you usually expect to do better than the 1st and lastly, your 3rd marathon will determine who you are as a marathoner because you will apply all the lessons learned from previous marathons" - RunningShield

I was all set to attend the CEBU MARATHON 2010. I already racked in the needed mileage to be physically prepared but most of all I was mentally prepared which is definitely a must in running a marathon and I felt I could have finished at a descent time but at the last minute I had to cancel :-(
But Instead of feeling depress and moping around that I could not go to Cebu, What I did is I woke up at 3AM took 1000 mg of Alaxan (pain killer) ate a banana and decided to organize my own marathon race. I call it, “THE RUNNINGSHIELD MARATHON 2010". But there is only 1 difference in this marathon the only runner is me.
I finished at a time of 4:31:41 for a distance of 42.410km.

Comments on my run:
- I did not get any cramps but I won’t deny I was getting tired and fatigue especially in the 38km mark.
- The only major problem that I encountered is that I was getting "deaf" literally; I notice that this happens to me when I'm dehydrated.
- I only stop once in my run to buy 2 bottles of mineral water in the gas station.
- Overall I think I did pretty well. If it was an actual race with other runners maybe I could have finished at a time of 4:20:00+

It's a personal satisfaction for me on what I wanted to do. You feel good inside and it doesn't matter what others may think. The Beauty of running is your own personal achievement because sometimes the moment that challenges us the most defines us. I really enjoy running. Running is a way of life. Thank you God!!!
The makes it 2 - official marathon race and 1 - unofficial marathon race under my belt.
My next Marathon will be the CONDURA RUN 2010 on Feb.07, 2010

Before Marathon Run

After Marathon Run