How to Run a Marathon What They did not teach you in RW

1. STUDY THE ROUTE - know where the hills, water station are but most especially the toilets.
2. RUNNING SHOES - Decide on what running shoes to wear on race day. (Don't follow the norm if you want to use your training shoes go use it).
Men (height in inches x 2) = Men ideal running weight.
Women (height in inches x 2 - 20) = Women ideal running weight
4. DON'T EXPERIMENT - Don't eat something new. Don't drink a new sports drink. Don't even try sleeping in a very cold room before race day this can give you problems.
5. TOILET - Go to the toilet and do the no."2". If needed use a "BIDET" to help you.
6. NO BAREFOOT - the last thing you want is to step on a broken glass or bump your toe on the door. Always wear shoes or slippers even after your runs.
7. PEDICURE - don't go for a pedicure before race day. Pedicure if not done well can give you in grown toe nails.
8. DIVIDED YOUR ENERGY GEL - jelly beans work well with me. What I do is i divide the packet into 5. Placing at least 3 to 5 jelly bean per small plastic (ice candy packet).
9. REST & RELAX - your legs should be fresh on race day.
10. PUMP WEIGHTS - pump some weight in your arms, remember a journey of 42.195km can make your arms feel like your legs.
11. MASSAGE - a good massage 2 days before race day really gets the kinks / knots out of your leg.
12. SEX BEFORE A RACE - some say sex the night before race day relives stress. Some say it zaps your energy. See what works for you all I can say is "Be faithful to your partner".
13. THE WONDER OF PAIN KILLERS - Pain killer works wonders. I take 1000 mg before bedtime before race day and another 1000mg a hour before race time. See if it works for you.
14. IMMEDIATE REACTION TIME FOR PAIN KILLERS - for immediate effect of pain killer drink them with hot water. The hot water will dissolve the pain killer faster which will make your body absorb it faster.
15. WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! - example for me.
a. I take a rest day the day before the marathon so my legs are fresh but if I skip 2 days I feel stiff.
b. i eat lots of high carbo food 2 days before race day.
c. drink lots of water the entire day.
d. Get out of bed at least 3 hrs. Before race time. Stretch, Take a shower, have coffee, breakfast consisting of banana and muffin and another cup or coffee and Stretch again.
16. GET MARKED - Using a pentel pen mark your target time on the inside portion of your arm for the ff 10k, 20k, 30k, 35k, 40k, and 41k.
17. IDENTIFY TROUBLE SPOTS - During training you already have identified trouble spots in your body that need attention ex.
a.) Applying petro jelly between your thighs or armpit to avoid chaffing.
b.) putting lots of powder in your running shoe to avoid blisters.
c.) taping your small toe to avoid rubbing.
d.) nipple guard.
18. CHECK YOUR RUNNING GEAR - garter on your shorts, abrasions on your singlet, Nike shoes air insoles not deflated etc.
20. GARMIN ALERT - make sure your Garmin is fully charged and the RUN ALERT DISTANCE is set at 42.195km
21. SALIVA - if you're racing and you're starting to chaff and you have no access to petro jelly or body glide. USE YOUR SALIVA.
22. DON'T STOP YOUR VICES - if you smoke or drink don’t totally cut it off a few days before race day. " Cold Turkey" can screw up the chemical system in your body. Just cut down on your vices.
23. ELEVATE YOUR LEGS - Sleep with a pillow under your feet. Gravity will pull the lactic acid and tiredness away from your legs. Its also great for the circulation.

24. NO TALK - No talk of running 24 hrs before race day - when you talk about marathon etc to people you release "positive energy". Remain silent and keep that positive energy inside you. you'll need it during race day.
25. MENTAL - you may have logged in the needed kms in your training but if you are not mentally prepared you have already lost the race.
26.LUCK? - Luck has nothing to do with running. A good race comes from the heart and passion you put into it.
27.SPIRIT OF THE MARATHON - watch the movie to get motivated and dont be ashamed to cry when you watch it "I did"

28. PRAY - The most effective game plan for a marathon is to pray. Don't ask for a PR just be humble and pray for guidance.