ADEVENTS MANILA - Owned and operated by Mrs. Maryann Ringor was kind enough to Feature RunningShield and SilogExpress in their Website.
Services Provided :
Adevents specializes in customized running events, to fit your budget. They help you organize and plan your race events for a professional and successful outcome.
They can also train your volunteers on how to handle racer registration, timing function, aid station and other race duties.
Adevents, provides the following
- Assistance in purchasing race numbers.
- Guidance in designing data section of entry forms.
- Data entry of registrants.
- Race –day data entry when necessary.
- Accurate timing of your events.
- Large display finish line clock.
- Results preliminary and final printed and posted.
- Complete printout of results in various forms.
- Finish line and equipment.
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