Raul Concepcion

"Raul T. Concepcion" My Father

The Greatest influence with my Running is my Father “Raul T. Concepcion”. He is the original runner in the family. He is the CONDURA RUNNING MAN!

I remember when I was around 7 yrs old, I would watch him put on his Pelota type of running shorts (the one with the towel on the side) and lace up his Bata Brand running shoes (Nike, Asics, Adidas etc. was not yet available in the Philippine at those times - the 70’s). He would usually run anywhere from 3 – 5km around Forbes Park Village.
There were also a few times that he would take the car and make a short drive to the Cambridge Circle Park so he could do his 20 rounds running laps. At that time, I would join him running around the Park, but I would only make about 200 meters or less.
Up to this day it is still very clear in my memory.

How would I know that this simple act of Father and Son bonding would bloom to what it is now.

At present, my father still does a little jogging on his treadmill. He is still very strong at the age of 77.
Dad, THANK YOU for inspiring me to Run.