An Email that touched my Heart

Neil Barrios and son Migoy
I received several emails with regards to the CONDURA RUN 2009. Most of them were emails of appreciation, gratitude & compliments on the success of the run. There were also suggestions on how to improve the race for 2010. Thank you and we will keep it in mind when planning the next race!

But there was two email that really touched my heart. It came from Mr. & Mrs. Neil and Rachel Barrios and I quote:

Hello Mr. Running Shield,
I just want to thank you for sharing your experiences; it has inspired my husband, Neil, to diligently run when he can. He even got me hooked!! He is your big fan, remember the guy who stopped you in the dark before the Condura Run, to have a picture taken? That was him. He told me that he wanted to have a picture taken with you, (well me, I wanted a picture with Rovilson Fernandez).He would always tell me, that you had lost so much weight and would run 21k at your age!! (Oops, no disrespect meant there). He is currently in the 5k run and is targeting your 21k soon; the next race he'll be running is 10k.
Thank you Mr. Patrick Concepcion.
A grateful wife,Rachel”

Hi Mr. Patrick aka Runningshield,

How are you? Actually late last year, I was searching for Phil running forums when I came upon your blog site and found out you have been running for over 20yrs (almost 30 yrs I suppose). Your blog has inspired me to run because even if you have a very busy schedule you can still manage to do your runs. Our only form of exercise then was to play badminton every Friday. So it made me think twice. If these people can do their runs, why can't I? Maybe it was due to the fear of getting injured as I have muscle tears on my left knee which pops my kneecap during lateral movements. So it started from there and ever since I tagged my wife to the Happy Run (she didn't join me in my 1st race) she has been more into it now. We look forward to seeing you also in the upcoming events and are very excited for the next Condura run.
Thank you so much.Best regards,
To Mr. Mrs. Barrios,I am truly honoured to have been part of a positive change in your lives. And I pray you both keep up the running spirit!! Running is a Tool from God to make life better not only for us but others. As i have touch your lives you too have touch my life much much more.
Thank you for your kind words.