Time to Retire

NIKE – MOTTO, in my opinion is one of the best pair of running shoes. I have three pairs and I am now down to my last pair.

I have already racked in 635.06 km. with this last pair and it’s definitely over the retirement age. A running shoe has a life span of about 500km. I’ve used the Nike Motto in all sorts of terrain: concrete, asphalt, dirt, sandy beaches and mud just to name a few.

I have also used them in all types of weather from the extreme summer heat of 40C to the Category 4 typhoon.

I love this model so much that I would do everything possible to extend its life span. Only when it’s needed, I would wash it with a mild detergent. I would use the gentlest of the spin cycle from my washing machine or expose it to minimal sun (drying them under a shady area). I would even apply “SHOE GOO” on the outer portion of the shoes where there has been some obvious wear and tear.

But, I must admit that this shoe has passed its prime. The cushion is not as firm as it used to be. The outer sole is paper thin and you can already see the air insoles at the bottom of the shoe. The stability and support is also disappearing into oblivion.

Sadly, Nike no longer distributes this model locally. But before I retire them today I just have to go for one more long run with them just for old time’s sake.

NIKE MOTTO, I will see you in SHOE HEAVEN.

Nike - Motto, I will see you in Shoe Heaven