2nd Time Around

For the 2nd time around we had to go back to Asian Hospital. My wife needed more test which meant confinement in the hospital for a few more days. My wife is my priority !
The first couple of days I couldn’t run because being a good husband I wanted to be present in every test performed on her, but when the 3rd day came rolling in.
It was obvious that I have turned “EVIL” .I was sluggish, cranky, irritable & moody I was snapping at everyone. The no run days was getting the best of me, that's when my wife told me, "Pat ill be ok go for a run”.
Wohoo!!!! I just put on my Running Shoes and just took of like a Lightning bolt. I even had to quickly double check my running attire. I was afraid I was still wearing my daffy duck pajamas.
The next day around 4.30am again I was able run and MAN IT FELT GREAT! But most of all by the afternoon the Doctors gave us the ok to go home my wife was given a clean bill of health. Thank you God.!

The view from our Hotel... I mean the view from our Hospital room," Hey I can see my house".My Kitchen Doctor Doctor Iam sick Call "Happy Feet" very QuickStress Test !!!!! Bring it on .
I Hate this Machine!!!!Guess what was in the injection ?
Saturday 18km run, Im back !!!