A Pictures Says a Thousand Words

 Simply RED
 The Adventure has No boundaries . 
Frankie C. Running / hiking in Alaska wearing a gown :-)
What's Behind the Red Door ?!

 City Lights

Land of the Giants 
 Hello Gary
Bacolod Sketch 


waiting for UBER

 Raul Concepcion Cola 
Twin Towers 
 No Helmet

You are my only one 
 When was the last time you hugged a tree
 Crappy Picture
 Muni Muni
 Men at Work
PUSO !!! 
 The Original Condura Man
Running King
Im the Boss
Sungit emotion 
 Ride them runner
 The Rock
 I think i have to buy new shoes
 I wish i was a Merman
Bye Hotel intercon

 Hello H.K.
 Lolo's Girl
 iam NOT an ilegal alien
 No Shave 
 Sky run
 i kissed a girl and i liked it

 Banago , Bacolod City
 The Ruins 
     Salomon Trail Race - Bacolod City                         
Chicken Bacolod 
 Take me to your Leader 
 Run Route - Bacolod City 
 Kokak !!!
The Earliest Runner sees the longest worm 
I love the Mystical Trails 
its a sign 
10 years they will be fully grown 
Im right behind you 

Im catching up 

im ahead of you now 
fly 2

what goes down .... has to come up 
i live for SATURDAY RUNS !!!
Ayala Triangle light s
Food truck
Talahib 2
Where ....Where ... WHERE !!!!
Red Mushrooms 

Hills be kind  to my legs 
Coke Time
Its beginning to look like Christmas 
Hello sunshine 
Shadows grow so long before my eyes 
Salt and pepper 
All Souls day
Pig Out day
Martini anyone 
Nb Race
Finding Nemo
Man vs Plane 
oh Shit !
TNF singapore 
Bones and Wings 
Top of the world 
I love life 
i am king 

bath time 
 The Adventure of Rin Tin Tin
 I will never eat the mushrooms in the Trails again 

 Up North 
Fields of Gold
 Best Post Run Mirenda
I thirst 
Deep Blue Sea

 Dead Tree
 Condura Skyway Marathon Brothers 
Mount Arayat 

Hello ! Gary 
 Familiar Ground
 Running on Clouds
 Iam Mercury 
 Kennon Road
Full Moon 
Lahar Country
 I meet the sweetest girl in the Trails.
Say Hello to Jasmin 
Sometimes thats all you need to make it in Life !
Hello Sunshine
 Enormous Crush on this Lady
 Asics GPS watch Testing 

Plato !

 Barbie ? What Happened !!!
LEAF !!!
Get a ROOM !
Little Patrick played in the Mud today :-)
 One of the best Mosaic art of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ that i have seen so far.
I love " White Corn "
 Man on the moon 
I do wear Normal clothes too :-0
 Ditch !
Its Hip to be Square !

Dancing in the Forrest 
Yellow Trail. Baguio City 
 The Valley in Nuvali 
Running with the Pack in Baler 
TREE !!!! 
somewhere in North America 
Manhole in the Trails of Nuvali
While i was Running in the Trails of Nuvali. All of a Sudden this snake comes out from the Bushes and cuts my path,  for a while i though i was going to be its next meal, but instead of going for my boney leg. He went for the Frog instead. Poor " Kermit ".
I love Running in the Trails every run is a Total Unique Experience.
US Navy’s guided-missile cruiser USS Shiloh (CG-67) dock in Subic Bay , Olongapo City.
The multi-role warship is capable of carrying two SH-60 Seahawk multi-purpose helicopters that are primarily for anti-submarine warfare.
Yellow Trail . Camp John Hay, Baguio City 
John Hay Air Station, more commonly known as Camp John Hay, is a major tourism and recreation attraction located in Baguio City, onLuzon island, the Philippines. It was a major hill station used for rest and recreation, or R&R, for personnel and dependents of the United States Armed Forces in the Philippines as well as United States Department of Defense employees and their dependents. It was last run by the United States Air Force. It was officially designated a communications station.
With an average elevation of 5,000 ft., Camp John Hay - and Baguio City in general - is much cooler and less humid than the rest of the Philippine Islands thereby providing a more familiar mild climate the typical American soldier knows back home. The facility housed The American Residence as well as Broadcasting facilities of the Voice of America.
 Talisay Batangas.
Mount Makiling at the Background 
Central Park , NewYork City 
A day before the NYC Marathon 2014